About Chayo de Chevez

Combining the grace and exactness of geometry with gestural contours, Chevez’s imagery feels futuristic, yet ancient and tribal, not unlike the cultures she has experienced exploring places like Mexico, Australia, Jamaica, India, and Africa. Her materials also reflect her respect for history infused with modern meaning. Pages from old books, homemade paper and beeswax are things that bring a humble humanity to her otherworldly, asymmetrical abstractions, which are often composed using design software and then superimposing the etching process.

Looping, wanderlust lines become visual poetry of space in Chevez’s works, interrupting the graph of her shapes and forms, plotting the course of her psychological impressions and memories distilled from her world travels. The repeated, asymmetrical halves that occur in her imagery, with one side slightly different from the other yet always joining together in the center, hint at the shared moments of one being with another: a human transmission across a timeless plane, a constellation in an astral universe of thought.

Chayo de Chevez

Chayo de Chevez

Chayo de Chevez, a painter, printmaker and lecturer maintains a studio and gallery called Graphicus Atelier in Cumberland, Maryland.

Chevez received a Master of Fine Arts degree in painting from Instituto de Allende, Mexico. In 1983, she was introduced to the beauty of the etched line while studying at Santa Reparata, Florence, Italy. In 1995, she was taught by Keith Howard and Marc Zaffron, pioneers in the world of printmaking who taught her to go “green” and embrace safe-etching techniques. She was the first to introduce non- toxic printmaking to India at the Regional Center of Lalit Kala Akademi, Chenna, in 2005. In 2007, she taught at the Madras College of Arts and Crafts and was also invited by A.P. Panneerselvam, scholar student of William Hayter, to begin a program in safe-etch at his Atelier One One Nine, in Chennai, India. Other such presentations include: University of Jose Matias Delgado, San Salvador, El Salvador; University of Costa Rica, San Jose, Costa Rica; the Edna Manley School of Arts, Kingston, Jamaica; Maryland Printmakers, Falls Church Virginia; Stone Metal Press, San Antonio, Texas; Mc Nay Arts Institute, San Antonio, Texas; Lee Arts Center, Arlington Virginia; Pyramid Atlantic, Riverdale, Maryland; Graphicus Atelier, Cumberland, Maryland; and Frostburg, State University, Frostburg, Maryland.